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Trains: France/Italy vs. Japan

While I enjoyed using the train systems in all of these countries, there were some major differences between the two in Europe and Japan. First off, the stations were generally built in 2 distinct styles. The major stations in Japan were very organized and clean, each part put into a logical place. The stations in France and Italy were sprawling… Read more →

Experiences: Trains

One of the best things about travelling to a new country is getting to try their public transportation system. Aside from some of the major cities (like New York), America is very lacking in public transportation. In most parts of the country, it is the norm to own a car and use that as the main method of travel. As… Read more →

Experiences: Japan #2

My most recent trip to Japan is the one I remember most clearly. It was the longer than the first vacation, lasting 3 weeks. This was spent travelling between some of the major cities: Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, etc. and experiencing some things that you cannot do anywhere but Japan. One of these is riding the famed Shinkansen, or bullet trains.¬†Interestingly… Read more →

Experiences: Japan #1

I have been coming up blank in trying to think of interesting international topic to talk about in these blogs recently, but I think I may have struck upon an idea. I have had the¬†good fortune of having traveled extensively before I came to OU. I have traveled most frequently to Japan and am most interested in going there again.… Read more →

Tea and Coffee tasting

This experience has easily been one of my favorite international events that I have been to so far. It was held in Hester Hall and was made up of two acts: starting off was a demonstration of how to make Persian Tea, followed by a brief description of Brazilian coffee. Both were great, but I have to say that the… Read more →