Monthly Archives: October 2015

Meeting at Second Wind

Recently a lot of global engagement fellows gathered at Second Wind coffee shop and discussed stories they have from travelling abroad. This was easily my favorite global engagement event I have been to. Some really cool stories were told, and I even got to talk about getting lost in Japan. It was great listening to some of the things people… Read more →

Critical Language Scholarship Meeting

This meeting was about a scholarship that I was thinking about taking for when I go to Japan called the Critical Language Scholarship. It is sponsored by the U.S. state department, and is meant to get Americans to learn languages the government thinks are important for the future of the country. The meeting was very informative, and the scholarship would… Read more →

Perception of Beauty

The purpose of this event was to discuss various topics involving beauty across multiple countries. There were 4 guest speakers, all female. I am probably not spelling their names correctly, but here’s my best shot: San lee from South Korea, Nicole from Chile, Marimi from a small difficult to hear country in Eastern Europe, and Paya from Namibia. I don’t… Read more →