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Writing prompt: traditional food

task: find traditional Japanese food that seems appetizing and food that just doesn’t. First thing that comes to mind: natto. Its made from fermented soy beans and is famous for putting off foreigners. These beans stink, have a strong flavor, are slimy, and look like a spider made an extensive web all over them. All in all, a completely unappealing… Read more →

Japanese club final meeting

Yesterday was the last meeting of the Japanese club this semester, and that meant that some regulars were leaving while others were being promoted. We had elections for the major positions (pres, VP, etc), but since the club is fairly small there was only one contestant for each position (at least it made voting easy). It was a bit sad… Read more →


A while back Global Engagement set up a viewing of the Saudi Arabian film Wadjda at the grey owl. The story follows Wadjda, a young girl going to school in Saudia Arabia, as she faces some of the dilemmas that women there have to deal with. The primary conflict comes from Wadjda’s desire to buy a bike but not having… Read more →

Japanese Major

So it turns out my minor in Japanese might turn into a major, depending on how the double major system works. Many of the major requirements fill gen. eds. (like non-west civ), and I will likely earn credits while studying in Japan next year. I think the Japanese major was only added last year or the year before, so i… Read more →

New Japanese Teacher

A little while ago the Japanese department was taking applications for a new professor. One step of the process was giving a public presentation of their specialty. I was lucky enough to be able to make it to the Mr. Frydman’s speech, who as it turns out was the one the department would choose. There were actually two meetings: one… Read more →