Monthly Archives: May 2018

Sagamihara stabbings

So it’s not exactly “news” in the dictionary definition of the word, but I just learned about it this semester to that makes it eligible in my book. The Sagamihara stabbings refer to an incident in 2016 where a Japanese man broke into a care home for the disabled and stabbed 19 people to death. His motivation was that he… Read more →

Hong Kong: Goals

In less than 1 month I will be leaving Kansas City for Hong Kong, and I have some things in mind for what to do. Unlike in Japan where my focus was on learning the language, in Hong Kong classes shouldn’t really be taking up a huge chunk of time. So, what should I do in my free time? Ideas:… Read more →

Japanese Club: Best moments

I had a few memorable moments from my time in Japanese club this semester. While I did not go to the movie night (due to never actually hearing when it was scheduled), nor did I get to try my hand at besting Dr. Friedman in go, interesting times still managed to present themselves. 1. Getting music advice from the group.… Read more →

Japanese club administration:

This may come as a surprise to my throngs of readers, but many people don’t like to be given extra responsibilities. I know, I know, my dedicated and socially-constructive readership likely finds it hard to believe that necessary tasks are not dutifully and earnestly requested but rather are furtively avoided; nevertheless it is the truth. This was seen in the… Read more →