Hong Kong: Street shows/markets

So, a cool thing about traditionally poorer neighbourhoods is that they often feel more natural, open, and exciting. They also can have interesting traditions. Such is the case in Mong Kok, which is famous for its street markets. Here is where I have found many of the best foods, both from intentional searches and happenstance. But the street markets also… Read more →

Hong Kong: Class Groups

One of the largest culture shocks I have experienced during my stay here has been in the attitude of group work. Both my classes have assigned multiple class presentations, and when I first heard this there was some minor dread. As I’m sure most of us are familiar, group work in the U.S. is a crapshoot. Option 1: you get… Read more →

Hong Kong: Transportation

I was surprised at the the quality of the public transportation system here. Trains arrive very regularly, buying tickets and getting off at the right stop is made very intuitive through the use of flashing lights and arrows, and the stations are clean. One thing that is slightly unusual is the reliance on Octopus cards. These are basically debit cards… Read more →

Hong Kong Chronicles: Food

Food in Hong Kong is, as I was told by multiple people beforehand, very cheap. The cafeteria offers meals for between $3-4 USD, and restaurants are not that much more expensive. It is the only city I have been to where you can decide to go to a Michelin star restaurant on a whim. I can’t tell you how many… Read more →

Sagamihara stabbings

So it’s not exactly “news” in the dictionary definition of the word, but I just learned about it this semester to that makes it eligible in my book. The Sagamihara stabbings refer to an incident in 2016 where a Japanese man broke into a care home for the disabled and stabbed 19 people to death. His motivation was that he… Read more →

Hong Kong: Goals

In less than 1 month I will be leaving Kansas City for Hong Kong, and I have some things in mind for what to do. Unlike in Japan where my focus was on learning the language, in Hong Kong classes shouldn’t really be taking up a huge chunk of time. So, what should I do in my free time? Ideas:… Read more →

Japanese Club: Best moments

I had a few memorable moments from my time in Japanese club this semester. While I did not go to the movie night (due to never actually hearing when it was scheduled), nor did I get to try my hand at besting Dr. Friedman in go, interesting times still managed to present themselves. 1. Getting music advice from the group.… Read more →

Japanese club administration:

This may come as a surprise to my throngs of readers, but many people don’t like to be given extra responsibilities. I know, I know, my dedicated and socially-constructive readership likely finds it hard to believe that necessary tasks are not dutifully and earnestly requested but rather are furtively avoided; nevertheless it is the truth. This was seen in the… Read more →

Go, Went, Gone

One of the international events I went to this semester was a book talk for “Go, Went, Gone,” a novel about the European immigration crisis. Unfortunately I have not read the book and thus didn’t participate in the talk, but it was still useful to hear other people discuss it. There was a surprising large crowd present: students filled nearly… Read more →