Sagamihara stabbings

So it’s not exactly “news” in the dictionary definition of the word, but I just learned about it this semester to that makes it eligible in my book. The Sagamihara stabbings refer to an incident in 2016 where a Japanese man broke into a care home for the disabled and stabbed 19 people to death. His motivation was that he… Read more →

Hong Kong: Goals

In less than 1 month I will be leaving Kansas City for Hong Kong, and I have some things in mind for what to do. Unlike in Japan where my focus was on learning the language, in Hong Kong classes shouldn’t really be taking up a huge chunk of time. So, what should I do in my free time? Ideas:… Read more →

Japanese Club: Best moments

I had a few memorable moments from my time in Japanese club this semester. While I did not go to the movie night (due to never actually hearing when it was scheduled), nor did I get to try my hand at besting Dr. Friedman in go, interesting times still managed to present themselves. 1. Getting music advice from the group.… Read more →

Japanese club administration:

This may come as a surprise to my throngs of readers, but many people don’t like to be given extra responsibilities. I know, I know, my dedicated and socially-constructive readership likely finds it hard to believe that necessary tasks are not dutifully and earnestly requested but rather are furtively avoided; nevertheless it is the truth. This was seen in the… Read more →

Go, Went, Gone

One of the international events I went to this semester was a book talk for “Go, Went, Gone,” a novel about the European immigration crisis. Unfortunately I have not read the book and thus didn’t participate in the talk, but it was still useful to hear other people discuss it. There was a surprising large crowd present: students filled nearly… Read more →

Japanese Club- Fall 2017

Here to round out the list, and prevent all my loyal and dedicated readers from getting overwhelmed with film discussion, is back-to-the-basics talk about Japanese club. Japanese club this semester has been a lot more popular than anytime in the past. So much so that we actually got to rent out a room for our movie screening, instead of just… Read more →

The Shiranui Sea

Last but not least, I would like to talk about The Shiranui Sea, the fourth documentary about Minamata disease by Noriaki Tsuchimoto. A bit of background: Minamata disease is a condition named after residents of Minamata, Japan started showing strange symptoms, including loss of motor control and difficulty with speech. It was discovered that the condition was caused from ingesting mercury, which had been… Read more →

4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days

Next on our list of movies to discuss is 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days. This is the most well known of the 3 movies I watched, being critically acclaimed and listed in many best movies of 2007 lists. The film follows Otilia and Gabriela, two university roommates in Romania, as they try and procure a doctor to perform an abortion for Gabriela. In 1987… Read more →

Back to Cuba

The first in today’s movie discussion extravaganza is also the one I saw most recently. Back to Cuba is a documentary that was shown at the GEF movie night last Friday. It follows a Cuban citizen who has recently moved back to the country after living in Italy with her husband for some years. While the main story is her attempts to… Read more →