Experiences: Japan #2

My most recent trip to Japan is the one I remember most clearly. It was the longer than the first vacation, lasting 3 weeks. This was spent travelling between some of the major cities: Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, etc. and experiencing some things that you cannot do anywhere but Japan. One of these is riding the famed Shinkansen, or bullet trains.¬†Interestingly enough, the bullet trains do not live up to their name for those riding them. Don’t get me wrong, watching one move is amazing; but when you actually ride one you dejectedly realize how advanced Japan’s train system is. The acceleration and deceleration are smoother than a regular train, and once you reach top speed you don’t even realize you are moving quickly. There is no sensation of haste, no great rumbling of the engine beneath your feet. ¬†Worse, if you are riding a Shinkansen it likely means you travelling far away, so the journey is still going to take several hours. Personally, I find subways to be a much more exciting means of travel. Having to balance yourself as the train makes a tight curve, watching the walls and lights pass by with blinding speed, and reaching your destination in a matter of minutes creates a much more personal experience in subways than in the bullet trains.

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