Go, Went, Gone

One of the international events I went to this semester was a book talk for “Go, Went, Gone,” a novel about the European immigration crisis. Unfortunately I have not read the book and thus didn’t participate in the talk, but it was still useful to hear other people discuss it. There was a surprising large crowd present: students filled nearly the entireĀ Headington Hall cafeteria, and there were a lot of professors present as well. The talk started with some of the faculty bringing up various points about the novel and raising some questions. Conversation then moved to open floor, and we ran out of time before discussion died out. I was also impressed that the author herself was there. I did not (and still don’t, really) know much about the subject, so the point in the discussion that detailed just how difficult it was for an immigrant to be accepted, and all the complications present in the application, was particularly interesting. Unrelated, I am completely jealous of the cafeteria that Headington has.

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