Hong Kong Chronicles: Food

Food in Hong Kong is, as I was told by multiple people beforehand, very cheap. The cafeteria offers meals for between $3-4 USD, and restaurants are not that much more expensive. It is the only city I have been to where you can decide to go to a Michelin star restaurant on a whim. I can’t tell you how many times I have been wondering around the city to see the Michelin symbol on some random side street. So far, the best things I have tried include: pineapple buns (which have no pineapple), Hong Kong french toast (which has peanut butter), duck, and a special type of dumpling that is filled with delicious, tongue-searing broth. The most disappointing food has been the bbq-pork buns, which are too sweet, and coffee, which is too expensive and not very great besides. I have a little time left, which I intend to be partly used for food experimentation. The next post might very well be half a page of me loudly complaining about the taste of intestines.

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