Hong Kong: Goals

In less than 1 month I will be leaving Kansas City for Hong Kong, and I have some things in mind for what to do. Unlike in Japan where my focus was on learning the language, in Hong Kong classes shouldn’t really be taking up a huge chunk of time. So, what should I do in my free time? Ideas:

1. Study for the GRE. This is really the important one: I have to spend some time going over the physics GRE if I want to get a good enough score to get into graduate school.

2. Explore the city-Karaoke, coffee, food. The easy answer. I have to find all the best places to indulge myself in. I’ve heard the food is cheap, so a breadth of options should be explored.

3. Go outside the city. While Hong Kong is traditionally seen as just a huge metropolis, from what I’ve read about it there seems to be a considerable nature element as well. I would like to at least once go on a day hike in the mountains or ride around in a boat. Preferably with good playlist set up and nice weather.

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