Hong Kong: Transportation

I was surprised at the the quality of the public transportation system here. Trains arrive very regularly, buying tickets and getting off at the right stop is made very intuitive through the use of flashing lights and arrows, and the stations are clean. One thing that is slightly unusual is the reliance on Octopus cards. These are basically debit cards that you can add money into at most stations. Japan had a similar system , but it is much more widely practiced here, to the point that a card was essentially necessary for me to live. Not only are tickets cheaper, it is the only way to pay for air conditioning and laundry at the dorms. It is also used for payment at many restaurants and the cafeteria. I will agree that it makes things run much more quickly than is standard for paper, but admit to being a bit confused. Why not just use actual debit or credit cards? Very few places actually accept them here, but an Octopus card is identically the same except that it has less uses and is harder to renew.

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