International Student Ice Cream Social

The last international event I went to this semester (and the last I will be going to at OU I suppose) was an ice cream social at the Millie Audas lounge in Farzaneh Hall. I arrived at the tail end of the event, so there wasn’t a huge crowd around. There was however still ice cream remaining, so there’s that. I got to hear some international students talk about their experiences in casual conversation, but what most sticks out in my mind about the event is learning about Millie Audas. There was a plaque with a description on the wall, and reading that made me curious enough to do some research on my own about her. By the time she retired, Mrs. Audas had negotiated for the creation of 174 reciprocal exchange programs between OU and foreign universities. Considering that both my study abroad trips have been exchange programs, it is possible that she was part of the reason I was able to go. So in conclusion, despite not knowing you before last week, thank you Millie Audas.

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