Italy: post-Renaissance class

This semester I took a class on the Italian Renaissance, and it made me want to go back to Italy. Me and my mom traveled there for about a week 2.5 years ago, which was a really fun time. However, after learning about the importance of certain cities (Florence springs to mind) and famous places, I would like to travel back so I can look at everything in a different manner. Church’s will seem even cooler if I know an assassination attempt took place there, art pieces will be even more interesting if I know how much the commissioner hounded the artist for that piece, or who it was dedicated to, or why some modern man’s face appears as a background character.  I suspect the same thing will happen after I take my Japanese history class, which will be a shame as that takes place after my trip abroad. In any case, I would recommend taking history/literature classes for people who like to travel abroad, even if you are in a STEM field like me.

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