Japanese Club- Fall 2017

Here to round out the list, and prevent all my loyal and dedicated readers from getting overwhelmed with film discussion, is back-to-the-basics talk about Japanese club. Japanese club this semester has been a lot more popular than anytime in the past. So much so that we actually got to rent out a room for our movie screening, instead of just projecting it in the cramped classroom like normal. This time, Princess Mononoke was shown in one of the huge Dale classrooms, and there were tons of seats, and someone even brought snacks. The point is it was great. Princess Mononoke was of course a good (if typical) choice for movie, as are almost all of Ghibli’s films. But it has been really nice this semester to see how many people are interested in Japanese. No longer does it feel like a weird hideaway meeting, attended only by the most devout Japanese practitioners. Aside from bigger rooms for movies, we also have trips to zoos and information on career opportunities and regular updates on JLPT deadlines. Next semester will likely be my last chance to participate, and I hope it gets even more popular. As a side note, it has also been nice to see one of the Japanese students I knew in Yamagata. He is doing a semester here in Oklahoma, and came over just as I was leaving Japan.

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