Japanese Coffee

I am not ashamed to admit one of my greatest pleasures in life is in drinking coffee. I have loved it for since i was much younger and drink it in many different forms. I don’t drink coffee for the caffeine (I have been known to fall asleep minutes after finishing some) but for the flavor. The stronger the flavor, the better. The best coffee I have ever had is when I was in Japan. Despite being famous for its tea (which is delicious), modern Japan has a very strong coffee culture. There are vending machines on every corner, many of which sell iced (sometimes even hot!) coffee. This cheap and convenient coffee is still better than most of what you can find in the United States, but it pales in comparison to the ambrosia sold in the small, locally owned cafes you can find hidden in the big cities. I don’t know precisely what makes it so delicious, but I can say that I will continue to judge the coffee of every country I go to after Japan’s.

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