Japanese Major

So it turns out my minor in Japanese might turn into a major, depending on how the double major system works. Many of the major requirements fill gen. eds. (like non-west civ), and I will likely earn credits while studying in Japan next year. I think the Japanese major was only added last year or the year before, so i would be really lucky if this become a possibility. The key factors are just how gen. eds. have to be completed and how many credits I get while overseas (which is at least partly determined by a test that has to be taken before leaving to decide your proficiency level). It would be great to be able to double major while still talking classes I enjoy, and should make me a more appealing candidate for jobs after graduation. In any case, for those who are minoring in a language I would suggest looking into getting a major. There will probably be classes about the literature and culture of that country/region, which can be quite interesting for those passionate about the language.

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