Starting to acclimate

In recent weeks, it appears I have finally started to settle in to Yamagata. Classes have fallen into a regular pattern, weekends have become less hectic, and favorite spots have been established. Top of the last list is Yamonosuke, a ramen shop another exchange student took me to. It is far and away the best ramen I have eaten in Yamagata, and some of the best I have ever had. I even have a regular order: miso ramen with extra spiciness. The noodles come with chashu pork, and the broth is delicious enough to drink afterwards. A personal coffee shop has not yet been found, but this is partly due to the expensive nature of poured coffee here in Yamagata. I go to one (closer) grocery store, eat more regularly, and have gotten better at managing time. It’s too bad I acquire this a month before I leave…

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