Still want to do

One downside of the way school works here in Japan, and which is particularly relevant in a secluded place like Yamagata, is that there are not very many breaks. Aside from golden week, the devouring of which deserves its own post, the first holiday will be the 17th of July. Most days of class are not too intensive, but the lack of longer breaks makes leaving the area difficult. Compounded with the cost of travel, this makes even trips to Sendai (the closest city worth the name) a luxury. Because of this, there are still many things I want to do in Japan that I doubt I will get the opportunity to. For one, I am living on an island smaller than some states but still have not yet seen the ocean. The biggest city* in the world is a few hours by shinkansen, Kyoto is a little bit further, and Korea is a short plane trip away, but I have not been able to experience any of these. Hopefully I will have a chance to do some of them before I leave, but the time after classes and before the plane ride is very short.

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