The Year My Parents Went on Vacation

So it should be apparent to anyone who has read these posts that my preferred international events are those that involve coffee or movies, and this is no exception. Apparently there is a movie theater in Headington Hall, and they hosted an event a while back where they played the Brazilian drama “The Year My Parents Went on Vacation”. Pizza was included, of course. Plot: a boy’s parents drop him off with his grandfather when they have to go on the run, due to the father being a communist. It turns out the grandfather has just died, and the boy is cared for by the community (primarily a neighbor who was a friend of the grandfather) while he copes with his new situation.This movie was much more of a slow burn then the others I have watched this semester, as it relied on the interactions between characters to get the viewer invested. The first part of the movie, when we didn’t really have a reason to care for any of the characters, was consequently the least the interesting. However, by the end I had reversed opinions and found the plot very engaging.

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